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Стиль - dark metal

Raff ... Bass & Backing Vocals 97-
Masmiseim,B (87-95
Acronoise ... Drums & Percussions ( 87-
Nick ... Lead Guitar ( 96-
Mike...,G (87-
War D. ... Guitar, Synthesiser & Vocals ( 87
Graven X, keyboard and sampler (1999-
Sebastian, drums, (2000-

ALASTIS date eventsline-up
1987 Year 0 War D.,Acronoise, Masmiseim, Zumof
1989 first demo tape [Fatidical Date] War D.,Acronoise, Masmiseim, Zumof, Kleid 1990 Second demo [Black Wedding] War D.,Acronoise, Masmiseim, Zumof 1992 cd /lp [The Just Law] Alastis/ HNF War D.,Acronoise, Eric 1995 cd [...and Death smiled] Adipocere War D.,Acronoise, Rotten 1996 cd /lp [The other side] Century Media War D.,Acronoise, Rotten, Nick 1997 European tour with AnathemaTwilight of the gods tour with Theatre Of Tragedy War D.,Acronoise, Nick, Raff
1998 cd /lp/mc [Revenge] Century Media War D.,Acronoise, Nick, Raff
2001 new album  Unity  on Century Media records with :
War D.,
Nick, lead guitar,
Raff, bass guitar,
Graven X, keyboard and sampler,
Sebastian, drums,


...and Death Smiled 1995 cd [...and Death smiled ] Adipocere War D.,Acronoise, Rotten 11
The Other Side 1996 cd /lp [The other side ] Century Media War D.,Acronoise, Rotten, Nick 10
Revenge 1998 cd /lp/mc [Revenge ] Century Media War D.,Acronoise, Nick, Raff
2001 Unity Century Media


Unity CD
March 19th, 2001

all lyrics by War D.

The Right To Die (5:15)
The Elect (4:30)
The Sign (4:52)
Another God (3:38)
Who Created The Gods?(4:49)
Ghastly Fancies (4:15)
Existence (3:22)
Antidote (5:24)
To The Root Of Evil (4:59)
...And Death Smiled (5:53)

Info Request
War D.
Graven X.


2001 line up
War D., guitar and vocals, co-founder of the band in 1987, has been able to keep the integrity of an Alastis_s own metal style and knew how to choose, during years, a team more and more able.

Raff, bass guitar, out from the post-indus scene jointed the band in 1997 and been a party to the fourth album_s compos,  Revenge ...Son of music he_s became the metronome of the Alastis_s rhythmic.

Nick, lead guitar, jointed the band in 1996 just before the recording of the third album  The other side . Out from the death metal scene he has bring to the style a kind of strictness with a new guitars playing more trenchant than in the past.

Graven X, keyboard and sampler, has been choose to complete the formation in 1998 just after the recording of  Revenge . Many other in the past tried to fulfil this function in Alastis but he was the only one to know how to break the sweet sameness of the metal keyboards and to become a real complement for Alastis.

Sebastian, drums, jointed the band only in May 2000 but has already single out from his playing the new album_s compos...he _s became faster in symbiosis with the Alastis_spirit and one_s energies bring the band more powerful than in the past.

ALASTIS Biography 1998
Alastis from Switzerland are definitely well-integrated within that scene and their activities ever since the band's original formation back in 1987 have proved to be in constant evolution without ever changing the sombre musical path that guided their earliest efforts.

Alastis were originally founded more than 10 years ago in the French part of Switzerland with War D. on guitar, Zumof on vocals, Acrono_se on drums and his brother Masmise_m taking on bass. After releasing two demos in 1989 and 1990, Masmiseim decided to leave the band to join Samael, an offer too good to resist at the time. With the lack of a suitable bass player, Alastis continued to work as a three-piece for about a year until the departure of Zumof. Being the guitarist and main songwriter of the band, War D. took over the duty of vocalist himself until a replacement was found shortly before they signed to the Norwegian label, Head Not Found. Though their debut album The Just Law came out sounding like a bad demo, it was at least a small success in that the band were now a name to look for in the black and thrash metal worlds. Still, progress was overshadowed by problems within the band line-up, and in 1993 War D. again took over the job of lead vocals, and also enlisted the talents of ex-Misery bassist Rotten. After developing a style with a more melodic and gothic-like edge than before, the band signed to the French label Adipocere and got in contact with Waldemar Sorychta for the production of their forthcoming record. Together they recorded Alastis_ second album, ...And Death Smiled, during the very early days of 1995. After the recording of a promotion-tape a year later, the band decided to welcome Nick (ex-Offering) as a lead guitarist, enabling the band to experiment with more intricate and accomplished sounds. Once again, Alastis changed labels and were signed to Century Media Records, and in winter of _96 they started working on their third album, The Other Side. Recorded at the famous Woodhouse Studios in Hagen, Germany, The Other Side was again produced by Waldemar Sorychta, and contained the band_s most creative and successful material to date. A new chapter for Alastis began when Century Media Records was chosen as their new label to release "The Other Side" in 1996. Alastis_ first tour came in April of 1997 with Anathema, which was followed by an accepted invitation to be part of the Twilight Of The Gods festival tour with Theatre Of Tragedy and Saviour Machine in August. The band had finally received the exposure and attention that it deserved, and the dark metal world awaited Alastis_ next move. Unfortunately, even with the band_s success at the time, Rotten chose not to continue, leaving the opening for his successor, Raff. In May 1998 Alastis entered the Woodhouse Studios once again with producer Sorychta to record their new masterpiece, Revenge, which clearly portrays the band_s refusal of being just another band in the vein of labelmates Samael, Moonspell and Tiamat. Instead of employing high-toned black metal or overly-distorted guitars, Alastis use the power of warm, heavy rhythm guitars and the opposing grace of well-thought, meticulous leads. Supporting the accomplished guitar work are impressively strong drum patterns, while the beautiful keyboards break into the overwhelmingly dramatic music like a bright stream of light awakening the dark night sky. Alastis_ music is a translation of their common feelings between one another, and their lyrics try to gather and reach those who share the same beliefs and doubts about our world_s teachings and misconceptions.

Alastis were often compared to bands like early Samael (and not only due to the fact that Samael's bass-player Masmiseim used to be a member of Alastis in the early days) as well as early Tiamat which brought them continuous interest from the upcoming Gothic Metal movement of the time. After the fourth full-length album "Revenge" (once again recorded at Woodhouse Studios with producer Waldemar Sorychta, as was the previous record), Alastis once again had to face line-up problems that left bandleader War D. as the only original founding member remaining in the band, searching for a brand new line-up to smoothly continue their tradition of dark musical visions, yet opening doors for a more modern feel in their compositions.
War D. (Vocals) and Xy (SAMAEL) have made a label. Is called P.U.R. (Parallel Union Records) and Xy have produced the album of MY INSANITY "Still Dreams In Violent Areas" at the Woodhouse Studio. This is the second album in this label (the first album is XYTRAS "Passage" In collaboration with Century Media).
ALASTIS Have A Keyboard. Is Called "Graven-X".
The New Album Will Be Called "Revenge" And Will Come Out The 20.Juli.98



Rotting ChristBorknagar, Old Man's Child, Alastis & Runemagick (Out Of The Sea Of Blood tour)
06-Jan-99Hamburg @ MarxGermany
07-Jan-99Eindhoven @ De EffenaarNetherlands
08-Jan-99Osnabrueck @ Hyde ParkGermany
09-Jan-99Waregem @ SteepleBelgium
10-Jan-99Rotterdam @ BaroegNetherlands
11-Jan-99Essen @ Zeche CarlGermany
12-Jan-99Paris @ GibusFrance
13-Jan-99Stuttgart @ RoehreGermany
14-Jan-99Muenchen @ BackstageGermany
15-Jan-99Fraureuth @ RatskellerGermany
16-Jan-99Offenbach @ HafenbahnGermany
17-Jan-99Kattowice @ Mega ClubPoland
18-Jan-99Graz @ JUZ ExplosiveAustria
19-Jan-99Wien @ ArenaAustria
21-Jan-99Pratteln @ Z7Switzerland
22-Jan-99Strassbourg @ La LaiterieFrance
23-Jan-99Toulouse @ Le BikiniFrance
24-Jan-99Barcelona @ GaratgeSpain

The year 2000 saw Alastis returning into the spotlight in a completely revamped five-piece line-up (featuring new additions Sebastian on drums and full time keyboard player Graven X) which kept demoing material songs until fully ready to enter Sound Suite Studios in France in Winter to record ten new tracks with producer Terje Refnes (Tristania, Theatre Of Tragedy, Morgul, etc.). "Unity" represents the strongest material to date created by Alastis, as their traditionally punchy midpaced guitar riffs, endlessly gloomy groove and extremely overall catchiness sounds fresher than ever before and manages to leave a very unique mark in today's extreme metal scene with an ancient yet never outdated vibe.

Alastis once again deliver purely striking harmonies, a majestic and thoroughly dense keyboard atmosphere as well as in-depth lyrical concepts based on the darker side of life that should easily manage to fascinate the linking audiences between the Death, Doom and Gothic Metal scenes while simultaneously serving as an antidote to the amount of bands who sadly lost their roots on the quest of experimenting with new styles. Glorious Dark Metal supremacy!


Switzerland's Alastis entered Sound Suite Studio (Tristania, Morgul, Theatre Of Tragedy, Sins Of Thy Beloved, etc) late November for 4 weeks and recorded their new full-length, Unity. The band is now a five-piece (acquiring a full-time keyboardist) and is ready to deliver their catchiest, most powerful material yet! They recorded 10 new songs totaling 47 minutes of music that sees a March 19th European release date.

ALASTIS : Unity (Century Media, 46'59', 10 tracks, dark-metal, release date : 19/03/2001) : For many persons, Alastis is considered as a simple Samael 'cause they come from the same country but they play also the same musical way, in spite of this some members are in both bands. In my opinion, Alastis is really different, sure, you can listen some parallel atmospheres in the keyboards and in the riffs but each band has its face and view. With this new full CD and 3 years after the great ?Revenge|, Alastis presents new materials always in their own vein, dark-metal music with some new aspects and things. First of all, we feel more samples giving more gothic and doom influences. Also, the production isn't done by Waldemar Sorychta but by Terje Refnes in France and he gives a stronger, darker and more powerful music. An excellent release and a great come back. A true Alastis CD with the coming of new and few sounds and atmospheres. (8,5/10)

On Friday June 15th 2001
Darkness embraces
GENEVA - KAB de l'Usine


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